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Perinelli Design, established in Singapore in 2015, is a multifaceted design studio.

Emphasising on quality design and execution, and possessing an invaluable knowledge of materials, the studio adopts a strategic approach for every project – to study, understand, develop and produce to the highest standards.

Our expertise is in the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors.



Architecture & Master Planning

We create strong identities for spaces and places, connecting people to the built environment. Our scope of work encompasses planning, conceptualising, programming, designing and managing across the scale from individual units to big-picture perspectives.


Interior Design

We take pride in coming up with great plans and exceptional details, transforming a space into so much more. Our designs are centred on evoking a sense of depth and meaning that resonates with the user.


Brand Design

We optimise brands and make them more compelling to customers. This involves developing a brand's identity, determining a direction strategy, and implementing them in spatial programming, sensory experiences and visual aesthetics.



Sensitivity, Ingenuity and Curiosity


A design with depth appeals to the senses and conveys meaning. Our works are refined, with carefully considered details and tailored precision. The ability to imbue into a design a sense of character, and bring out in it a unique essence of what is needed and desired means investing a lot of time and sparing no effort.


To ensure being progressive and innovative, we embrace new ideas and creative collaboration, while employing time-tested methods and quality craftsmanship.


Our vision is a more beautiful, harmonious built environment that enhances the experiences and well-being of people.


Alessandro Perinelli

Having over 20 years of experience as an architect, interior designer and brand strategist, Alessandro founded and heads Perinelli Design.

He trained in Rome and Vienna, and has worked in Colombo, New York and Singapore. With a diverse portfolio of projects across the globe, Alessandro has great exposure to different styles and methodologies, and is well-versed in the commercial, hospitality and residential spheres.

Under his leadership, the studio maintains its Italian design sensibilities, a global perspective, and personalised approach.

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